Trendy clear bags

hey gurls! are you on the hunt for clear bags for the summer , game day or for an upcoming concert? ...but still want to look cute and fashionable ! don't fret bc i got yuh!! I haven't seen blog post about this (clear bag!) soo i decided to make one for y'all and "talk… Continue reading Trendy clear bags


#Fashionforless | Summer sandals for under $10 feat.

As you can probably tell , I love online shopping . I get to find good deals also your home girl needs to have her dose of #retailtherapy while watching "Life below zero " (my husband and I's fave show atm!) I think we wanna move to Alaska !! You'll know why when you watch… Continue reading #Fashionforless | Summer sandals for under $10 feat.

All about stationery : affordable planner stickers + pens

Hey y'all It's been awhile since my last post because your home girl is too busy ... shopping lol ! Oh hey How's everyone doing today ? What's the weather like where you live ? Leave in the comments below I'd like to know ! #irhyme ahihi Where I'm at - It has been raining… Continue reading All about stationery : affordable planner stickers + pens

PLAN WITH ME |Summer Fun

  Hooray for Summer ! oh my goodness it's so insane , few more months and it'll be 2018 . #cray I don't know about you guys, but every time I go decorate my planner, time feels faster than the way it is . weird i know! however for a #planneraddict like me I am loving it! Right now, I'm still using my… Continue reading PLAN WITH ME |Summer Fun

Camping Must-Haves 

Going #Camping ? grab a pen and paper ,your tablet  or your fave notepad from tjmaxx lol!ikr ! #tjmaxxisLife  Bc today ,I'll be sharing my #musthave camping gear. you ready? Oh man I'm so lovin' camping like i don't wanna leave(ing)! (attempting to rhyme lol! #failed)Alrighty whoever started this (camping) , I'd like to  personally thank him or her or… Continue reading Camping Must-Haves 

Plan with me | Wedding month

  Oh my goodness, time flies so fast!   #insaneinthemembrane just like that we are halfway through 2017!  Nope, this is not about me getting married. #alreadywifey this is for all the beautiful bride -to- be out there  who needs some ideas for their upcoming wedding #Junebride perhaps you're wondering "Why is June the most popular… Continue reading Plan with me | Wedding month