Winter skincare


Raise your hand if your skin’s so dry bc of this wintery / snowy weather ! Lol yep I hear yah , I need all the moisture in the world right now ! To ease the pain and curiousness I’mma share my winter skincare! You ready ?

Tula is my current skincare obsession. Very moisturizing not to mention its probiotic technology . Hmmmm I assume the curiosity towards probiotic technology . Click HERE for facts , pricing and more. 100% FREE FROM MINERAL OIL , ANIMAL TESTING , PETROLATUM ,PHTHALATES ,PARABENS ,GLUTEN.

Tula skincare

These products are my #holygrail y’all ! It can be on the pricey side but I really invest in good products for my skin bc I only have one (skin)! Hahaha! Kidding aside , we all need to take good care of our skin and for me I’d like to #agegracefully! *wink

Happy new year ! May you have a blessed and prosperous 2018!

Xo, A.


HIS love for you is perfect.

Gift guide for beauty enthusiast 


Hands down the best products ever. Trust me , they will love it!

Kiehl’s Since Creme de Corps Body Moisturizer • Kiehl’s • $11–48

Dior Addict Lip Glow/0.12 oz. • Christian Dior • $33–34

T3 Whirl 1.25″-0.75″ Convertible Tapered Styling Wand • T3 Tourmaline • $185

Benefit Cosmetics Defined & Refined Brow Kit • Benefit Cosmetics • $34

Stila Stay All Day® Liquid Lipstick • Stila • $22

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush Collection • Hourglass • $24–38


PS. Happiness is an accomplishment.

I published my first book 


“To write means more than putting pretty words on a page;the act of writing is to share a part of your soul with the world.” — Anonymous

Sorry guys it’s a clickbait but not really ! Ok Lemme do a preface ,  I was looking for an extraordinary first wedding anniversary gift and I stumbled upon this company called lovebookonline . Click for details . My first book was made possible by them . Lol I love that I get to be so creative with my gift and yeah personalization is my jazz. I love to be extra. Haha 

If you’re looking for a not-your-usual-gift ,definitely go for this love book. It’s Kinna like a love letter in a book form if that makes sense.

Traditionally, the gift theme for a first wedding anniversary is “paper”. But it’s all up to you guys,follow your guts and heart *wink . You know what , food makes a great gift and everyone loves it! PS. How cute and unique this is !? My husband loved it!

For my next post is My travel checklist! Yaaaas, Are you excited ? Lemme know in the comments . 


PS. Learn to enjoy the moment.

Holiday gift guide for Him 2017

Holiday gift guide for Him 2017

Christmas gift ideas feat. Mrs. Meyer’s holiday scents set Peppermint |Grove collaborative


I don’t know about you guys but for me cleaning is fun not to mention the most therapeutic thing to do especially  if you have these natural products  from Grove collaborative. So before we get to the fun stuff hehe let me educate you first! (the teacher in me talkin and inserting this emoji 👩‍🏫 to make it more realistic! Ha!) What is Grove collaborative?- Formerly known as ePantry, Grove Collaborative is an online service designed to make using healthy, natural products easier. They do this by offering a variety of non-toxic household items, including cleaning products, personal care items, beauty products, vitamins & supplements, and more. -thanks google!

For more info check their website Here. Now that we are well-informed about the said online store I think it’s  time for the  photography with descriptions and #coupons. Well I have an amazing deal for y’all house-proud out there ! You can use this code to  – Save $10 when you sign up!

I couldn’t be more excited when i found out about these amazing and yet so festive products right here (my squealing heart can’t contain her happiness! #OA.) the scent peppermint smells like heaaaaven! My kitchen smells so good! And sooo ready for the Christmas season !….Moreover Mrs. Meyer’s holiday scents cleaning products match my Christmas decor! #happycamper 

These sets make the best Christmas gift. I’d totally love to receive these over chocolates and make up. Haha #prioritieschangeasyougetolder

Tip: Target and Dollar tree gift bags would go perfect with these goodies! I love the winter wishes gift bag from target dollar spot.Head to the nearest target or dollar tree store, of course that’s after your Grove order alrighty!… and don’t forget click the link to Save $10. 

Happy Thanksgiving! I’m grateful for everything in life. 

What are you thankful for? Let’s celebrate Thanksgiving!

Leggo start cleaning the house oh I mean eating turkey and some pies! Haha 


PS. You need to stay humble to keep you feet grounded.

Plan with me | Anniversary week 


It’s been awhile since my last plan with me blog post but hey hey hey this week is very special!… I can’t contain my happiness you guys! It’s my first wedding anniversary! #grateful and #blessed ❤

My husband  means the world to me , I’m nothing without him (So mushy!haha ).We love eachother  so much that even ants are so tempted to taste our sweetness.Lol kidding aside I love spending time with him even though we are just chillin at home with our plaid jammies on. #ILovemyLife #myhusbandismybff #myeverything

This planner weekly spread is my favorite  for the entire 2017. Later you’ll know why haha!(I feel like I use the word “favorite” gazillion times here 😉 there’s  no other  word to describe it though!) jk best-loved is another word to use. Haha that’s  good you’re learning! 😉

 I made it (planner spread) simple (bc simplicity is beauty ha! ) and I used the sticker kit called Sweater weather from Lilyandmeekodesigns. Check my Etsy  haul vid for more info, link in my blog page  (It has the youtube icon okie dokie!) 

And one more thing I’m super obsessed  with this wedding doodle stickers from tamashiprints and you’ll see on photos where i placed ’em (wedding anniversary date 💒 )

See i told yah! Who wouldn’t want to make this her favourite?! I’m very proud of myself! Lol bc this week spread went pretty aaaamazing! 

Do you guys love decorating your happy planner? Lemme know in the comments! 💗 Virtual hugs and kisses from me to yours. Let us all plan a happy life! 


PS. The choice is yours. What will you choose?

Hello November, Hello FRESH


Who among you guys , love home-cooking? or just cooking in general? I’m  definitely the first one who will raise my morena & magical hand! Haha I love food so much that I have to share with y’all this hellofresh meal subscription. Ohh wait, I know you might be wondering, how does  it work?  and most people don’t want to break the  bank with a meal subscription like this as per reviews & article online . But lemme tell you, you can always manage your plans, (meal preferences tab is right there. Woot! ) or even skip and cancel it. See how easy is that? Also a plus factor is they have the best customer service ever! Download the hellofresh app here for more info and you can also access it through your desktop or laptop if you prefer. #Easypeasy! 

Order from the comfort of your home sweety home and with your Christmas pjs on. Can you give me a Yay!? If you’re excited for Christmas 🎄 (inserted a Christmas  tree bc I LOVE!) 

Okay enough for Christmas back to Hellofresh ha! In addition to its (hellofresh) awesomeness  it’s very convenient and if you’re  tired with your usual meal why not try something new – like a restaurant type of meal in a healthier  version and  #affordable side! I’m all about saving money but will not compromise the quality of the food either ! 👍

I chose these meals for this week delivery 

Sizzling Southwestern chicken with a sweet potato, bell pepper,and feta jumble 

Meatloaf Á La Mom with Roasted root veggies and thyme gravy 

Argentine Chimichurri Steak with a Sweet potato,poblano, and tomato jumble (Hubby Approved! Yay!) First meal I’ve cooked so far.

Price wise? It’s a yay for me bc i did my research already and got a coupon to use so I did save some money. Heehee I paid (drum roll please! 🎇)  $19.94 +  free shipping! #winning. Since some of you ain’t no time for searching on coupons and stuff, don’t worry I got you covered Click the link to save money! 👉 Promocode

Packaging? 5 out of 5 🌟
See photos here 

The cooking process of each meal is pretty self-explanatory and one thing I love about it I can keep the recipe pamphlet for future reference. Home cooking at its finest! 😊🙌

Nutrional info included! 

Final thoughts  💭  yes I love how is easy it is to prepare and most importantly it’s hubby approved! He loves the steak, so delish and fresh hence HelloFRESH. 😉Perfect for upcoming thanksgiving dinner! These meals will be a HIT! Thanks to HelloFresh  👏👏


PS. Become a bridge builder not a wall builder. 

Fall sweets pack |ZenpopJapan review 


Hi lovelies, I can’t  believe it’s November already! #craycray. Also I so love November because it’s my wedding anniversary month. I’m excited! The falling leaves and vibrant colours  of Fall is just  PERFECTION! 

    Not to mention this season is where we just wanna stay in bed, binge-watch netflix shows and probably snacking, nibbling  and gobbling name it!Omg #FoodisLife! 

    Right now I’ve been enjoying the deliciousness and cuteness of my sweets festive fall pack from ZenpopJapan. I actually bought it for my husband because I love food and asian snacks so yeah I’m sharing it to him ofcourse. Haha! 

    Questions: How much does it cost? Is it worth every penny? 

    And the answer is YES! So worth it for a 15 snacks per pack at $29.50. Isn’t so aaaa-mazing!? Not to mention they have selected  the best snacks in Japan and ZenpopJapan also carries ramen pack and a lot more. Check  their website Here.

    My husband and I’s Top 3 Favorites : 

    Pizza Cookroll – the box comes with a description  of each snack you get so here what it says : these tomato flavored crinchy snacks have cheese cream inside. It smells totally  like tomato and cheese pizza,but easier to eat and slip into your bag than an oily slice of pizza. It says it all! Liked!

    BloominOnion  Snacks – Tohato introduced an American dish,blooming on,to their snack list. This is #yummers! Though it has similar taste with any onion snacks out there still have a distinct taste. We love it! 

     Puchi -Apple Calvados Cake – Bite-sized apple cakes,flavored with Calvados,apple brandy from France .  This you guys is a perfect match for a coffee or a tea. Super fave! 

    Final thoughts:

    I can definitely  see myself ordering from Zenpopjapan again. I might try their ramen pack and stationery pack soon  and I will keep you guys posted! And it’s a perfect gift for the holidays. Trust me! You’re friends, family or whoever the gift receiver is will go cray cray with these snack box!

    Let me know in the comments if you want more food related blog post like this. 

    How about you? What snacks you have been loving lately? Lemme know 


    PS. “integrity is authenticity”

    Plan with me |September to Remember 



    Oh September, you are the doorway to the season I love the most!x

    here it comes the “Ber-months” woot!

    with that being said it is certainly appropriate  for a plan with me blog post!teehee

    Here’s my weekly spread details for the  4th through 10th of September 2017.

    Products used

    1. me&mybigideas sticker book seasonal and basic $20 each  

    2. Gold washi tape Dollar Tree $1 (duh?!) 

    *michaels store  is currently having a labor day clearance so guys what are you waiting for head to their website NOW!

    **mambi sticker book is at $10 #winning from 9/8 – 9/16 #yaaaassss #plannerobssessed #stickerislife 


    The First day of #Autumn is on September 22nd, mark your calendar (ofcourse)with your fave pen ,sharpies or maybe a fall sticker bc why not!? lol

    Alrighty !, see you in my next post !Have fun , take a sip of your warm apple cider and plan a happy life!



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