#Retailtherapy : Clothing stores I’ve been loving

There's a ton of online stores out there but these three are my faves when it comes to comfort-over-fashion-outfit . In addition to that they're on the affordable side and they're currently having a major sale - this gave me the idea to make this entry ...and I bet you'll love these stores as much… Continue reading #Retailtherapy : Clothing stores I’ve been loving

On- the- spot : 4th of July Sales #outfitpicks Kate Spade , Old Navy & Jack Rogers

Stuck on my phone because this 4th of July sale is #insaaaaanee !!! Clothes etc. for as low as $2! Yup you heard it right ! I am pulling an all nighter searching for the ones I love but of course still undecided what to get because everything's so cute - #Iwantthemall!! Ahihi 😸 Btw… Continue reading On- the- spot : 4th of July Sales #outfitpicks Kate Spade , Old Navy & Jack Rogers

#Planneraddict: What’s in my Etsy favorites ♡ tab |kawaii planner stickers

If you don't know yet kawaii かわいい means "lovable" , "cute & "adorable" . It is the culture of cuteness in Japan. It can refer to items, humans and non-humans that are charming, vulnerable, shy and childlike. Thanks Wikipedia for the profound definition (of kawaii) 😉 Source : sugarsweet.me Yes, I am #kawaiiobsessed + #planneraddict… Continue reading #Planneraddict: What’s in my Etsy favorites ♡ tab |kawaii planner stickers

#Fashionforless | Summer sandals for under $10 feat. Walmart.com

As you can probably tell , I love online shopping . I get to find good deals also your home girl needs to have her dose of #retailtherapy while watching "Life below zero " (my husband and I's fave show atm!) I think we wanna move to Alaska !! You'll know why when you watch… Continue reading #Fashionforless | Summer sandals for under $10 feat. Walmart.com

On-the-spot: Semi-annual sale 2018 — Bath&bodyworks and Victoria Secret

Getting discounts and deals while shopping is so much fun 😚!#loveagooddeal. Listed below some stores you might wanna check out bc they're having a semi-annual sale & you might freak out because items are under $9 ! Cool ayt!! 1) Victoria Secret 2) Bath and body works Happy shopping!! See yah Let me know all… Continue reading On-the-spot: Semi-annual sale 2018 — Bath&bodyworks and Victoria Secret

#Fashionforless | dupe for Hermès oran sandal

For spring and summer season you want something trendy yet affordable -That's pretty much the main goal in shopping I assumed. Ahihi 😉. Everyone (In Instagram & all over the web) is raving about this Hermès oran sandal and I figured some of you doesn't want to spend too much $$ for a sandal (… Continue reading #Fashionforless | dupe for Hermès oran sandal

Memorial day weekend forecast : Ebates – 2x cash back

Ebates has been my bff whenever I shop online. #shopingonlineissomuchfun It's so easy to use - you can either access through your computer or via downloading the app on your smartphone . Yes , it's free of charge ! Click here to download . Here's my favorite site to shop and they're under 2x cash… Continue reading Memorial day weekend forecast : Ebates – 2x cash back