Travel essentials (minimalist edition)

Keeping things #minimal is so much better! Simple and organized! These two adjectives are pleasing to my senses – how I based my essentials not just for traveling but for #everything.

I stick to whatever works for me . Skincare wise – A good gel moisturizer , sunscreen gel , eye cream and facial mist plus my fave perfume! On today’s blog I’ll be sharing with y’all my favorites / essentials for travels . This time I’ll narrow it down to “maybe” 10 products . Hope this one was helpful ! Blog post suggestions? Leave in the comments below! Love y’all!!!

Coola sunscreen / Pyungkang Yul moisture serum / Lancome toner / Holika Holika hand cream / Mario badescu facial spray / Dolce & Gabbana perfume -Scentbird / Jade roller / Essie nail polish / Hydrogel Lip patch / Tula eye cream


PS. You don’t have to do anything; that’s a choice, too. Just know there are consequences in your choices. – Andrea Owen


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