#Planneraddict: What’s in my Etsy favorites ♡ tab |kawaii planner stickers

If you don’t know yet kawaii かわいい means “lovable” , “cute & “adorable” . It is the culture of cuteness in Japan. It can refer to items, humans and non-humans that are charming, vulnerable, shy and childlike. Thanks Wikipedia for the profound definition (of kawaii) 😉

Source : sugarsweet.me

Yes, I am #kawaiiobsessed + #planneraddict & for this reason I think it’ll be fitting to share with y’all what’s in my favorites tab on Etsy specifically handrawn kawaii stickers .

Etsy is one of the platforms I go for when it comes to my planner stickers whether it’s for my TN , happy planner , & recollections planner – I gravitate to Etsy (planner stickers ) because they’re all freaking adorable ! I want to buy them all !! Alrighty! With that being said , here it is !!

Mi’me by Planner studio

Planner stickers kawaii by LesBiGriBons

Mini happy boba bubble tea by aHappyBlueTree

Adulting purrmaids by chelseyladams

I have like bazillions of planner stickers I can recommend but I always keep my blog entry short , precise and minimalist! Ahihi 😸 hope this one was helpful ! Etsy is easily accessible ; free of charge when you download it from your smartphone (playstore or app store) . There’s a ton of cute planner stickers to choose from and they also cater to everything you can think of – beauty skincare , home decor & clothing etc.

Don’t forget to check out my #planneraddict instagram account @blossomaziaprints for more planner pics and all that stationery madness !


PS. Nothing worthwhile is ever easy

–Rick Warren


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