#Fashionforless | Summer sandals for under $10 feat. Walmart.com

As you can probably tell , I love online shopping . I get to find good deals also your home girl needs to have her dose of #retailtherapy while watching “Life below zero ” (my husband and I’s fave show atm!) I think we wanna move to Alaska !! You’ll know why when you watch it .It’s on #Netflix Btw. Oh do you guys want a blog post about my favourite shows on Netflix .Let me know in the comments and share this post and I’ll definitely make one.

Ok enough for that ! Lol I hop on to Walmart website to look for a cute sandals for the summer and I found my top 3 faves . Yes I’d like to narrow down my finds so easier for you and me #letssimplifylife . Listed below my #walmartfinds #summersandals under $10 . So inexpensive and cute! Yes everything cute ,I’m buying them !!! Enjoy shopping ! Oopsie before I go , side note ! Check out Instacart: 1 hour grocery delivery! Here’s $20 worth of free groceries #instacart. Yup another food delivery and I’m addicted to it!! K bye!

Big buddha woven slide sandal

Time and Tru brand is the newest clothing line at Walmart.



If you want to have lasting change in your life, you need to refocus your mind.

Specifically, you need to change your thought patterns from focusing on what you don’t want to focus on to what you do want to focus on. Because whatever you focus on is what you move toward – Rick Warren

toward – Rick Warren


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