All about stationery : affordable planner stickers + pens

Hey y’all It’s been awhile since my last post because your home girl is too busy … shopping lol ! Oh hey How’s everyone doing today ? What’s the weather like where you live ? Leave in the comments below I’d like to know ! #irhyme ahihi
Where I’m at – It has been raining and windy . I can’t wait to bask in the sun , get my natural tan and go camping ! 🏖️ Hehe moving forward , Today I’m gonna share with y’all my list of stationery & cute planner (supplies) finds including this sticker book for under $3 ! Andddd yes you’re reading it right ! ☺️ #inexpensivestationeryfindsbyme These will help you decorate your planner without breaking the bank ! If you’re a planner addict or planner enthusiast like me don’t forget to follow me on Instagram @blossomaziaprints where I post my planner and stationery finds & planner spread ideas too . okie dokie See you on my next blog ! Have a fantastic life ! x

1).Creative You appointment Sticker book

2).Creative You to do sticker book

3). Creative You monthly sticker book

4). Creative You faith sticker book

5). Creative You bible notes sticker book

6). Kawaii cute cat gel pens 6pc

7). A5 cute notebooks

8). Set of 5 field notebooks assorted patterns



When you take time , often to reflect on the miracle of life – the miracle that you are even able to read this book – the gift of sight ,of love and all the rest , it can help to remind you that many of the things that you think as “big stuff” are really just “small stuff” that you are turning into big stuff. ~ Richard Carlson


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