My travel checklist | Over-packing edition


I haven’t seen a blog post focusing on having options or I must say “over packing”. Don’t get me wrong I know airlines have policies for baggage limit and such. But . . .

Hmmm Yeah, I’m an over-packer when it comes to traveling ….. and camping ! fun fact : I created my own head to toe checklist (that’s how I name my list haha ) just for when I have a trip etc. . I love to have options and I’m super extra like that . Lol so yes I bring my whole cabinet , closet with me when I’m traveling.

One more thing I have a food list too! To avoid being #hangry! My husband is so sweet to always get my favourite sparkling water and snacks . Haha I know you might be thinking about food right now but lemme show my travel checklist first okie dokie !

Here’s my overpacking list ! Enjoy 😉

Shop here:

Face, hair & body

1. Tula skincare– my fave! Wanna know why? Kindly read my previous post to find out *wink

2. Yes face mask– for the lazy day skincare

3. Dove shampoo – I’m not really picky with shampoo so whatever is available then I’m using it!!!!!!!Lol #yolo 😉

4. Herbal Essences conditioner– same with conditioner btw thanks hubby for getting this for me! #myhusbandisthesweetest

5. Dove soap – I love soap more than shower gels. And yes I think I love Dove (brand)

6. Tarte maracuja oil – multipurpose and the best!

7. WaterPik– total game changer! Buy this and you’ll thank me later.

8. Philips Sonicare toothbrush 9. Listerine Mouthwash 10. Colgate total plus whitening toothpaste // Footwear 1. Speedy duck boot 2. Dakota Sunshine slipper by UGG 3. Crew socks woodland critters by Xhilaration // Clothing 1. Free people bell sleeve sweater 2. Women’s lightweight down hooded coat by UNIQLO 3. A new day scoop T-shirt 4. Carhartt work in progress short watch hat 4. Cold weather gloves by Columbia 5. AE denim X hi-rise jegging 6. Chic pajama set by Kate Spade 7. Cashmere scarf by UNIQLO // Electronics 1. Chargeworx dual usb wall charger // Documents 1. TED BAKER luggage tag and passport holder // Food 1. Sparkling water by Spindrift 2. KIND barI got some deals for you so yeah click HERE noooow 😉 3. Fiji water you guys should step up w/ your H20 game because #h20isLifeliterally 😉

I didn’t include my make up essentials because it’ll be in a separate blog post. Aaand I bring my complete wardrobe with me because photoshoot is a must when traveling! Btw a quick peek of my Canada 🇨🇦 trip ! My husband and I’s “2nd home ” — Toronto! We stayed at this beautiful hotel — Hotel Novotel Toronto Centre Click HERE for more info. Ratings: Customer Service: 5 out of 5 Cleanliness and room rates: 5 out of 5. We love this hotel so much !!!It’s so accessible to popular tourist attractions in Toronto!



Alrighty ! Thanks for stopping by ! Love y’all. Tata!


Xo, A.


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