Christmas gift ideas feat. Mrs. Meyer’s holiday scents set Peppermint |Grove collaborative

I don’t know about you guys but for me cleaning is fun not to mention the most therapeutic thing to do especially  if you have these natural products  from Grove collaborative. So before we get to the fun stuff hehe let me educate you first! (the teacher in me talkin and inserting this emoji πŸ‘©β€πŸ« to make it more realistic! Ha!) What is Grove collaborative?- Formerly known as ePantry, Grove Collaborative is an online service designed to make using healthy, natural products easier. They do this by offering a variety of non-toxic household items, including cleaning products, personal care items, beauty products, vitamins & supplements, and more. -thanks google!

For more info check their website Here. Now that we are well-informed about the said online store I think it’s  time for the  photography with descriptions and #coupons. Well I have an amazing deal for y’all house-proud out there ! You can use this code to  – Save $10 when you sign up!

I couldn’t be more excited when i found out about these amazing and yet so festive products right here (my squealing heart can’t contain her happiness! #OA.) the scent peppermint smells like heaaaaven! My kitchen smells so good! And sooo ready for the Christmas season !….Moreover Mrs. Meyer’s holiday scents cleaning products match my Christmas decor! #happycamper 

These sets make the best Christmas gift. I’d totally love to receive these over chocolates and make up. Haha #prioritieschangeasyougetolder

Tip: Target and Dollar tree gift bags would go perfect with these goodies! I love the winter wishes gift bag from target dollar spot.Head to the nearest target or dollar tree store, of course that’s after your Grove order alrighty!… and don’t forget click the link to Save $10. 

Happy Thanksgiving! I’m grateful for everything in life. 

What are you thankful for? Let’s celebrate Thanksgiving!

Leggo start cleaning the house oh I mean eating turkey and some pies! Haha 


PS. You need to stay humble to keep you feet grounded.


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