Plan with me | Anniversary week 

It’s been awhile since my last plan with me blog post but hey hey hey this week is very special!… I can’t contain my happiness you guys! It’s my first wedding anniversary! #grateful and #blessed ❤

My husband  means the world to me , I’m nothing without him (So mushy!haha ).We love eachother  so much that even ants are so tempted to taste our sweetness.Lol kidding aside I love spending time with him even though we are just chillin at home with our plaid jammies on. #ILovemyLife #myhusbandismybff #myeverything

This planner weekly spread is my favorite  for the entire 2017. Later you’ll know why haha!(I feel like I use the word “favorite” gazillion times here 😉 there’s  no other  word to describe it though!) jk best-loved is another word to use. Haha that’s  good you’re learning! 😉

I made it (planner spread) simple (bc simplicity is beauty ha! ) and I used the sticker kit called Sweater weather from Lilyandmeekodesigns. Check my Etsy  haul vid for more info, link in my blog page  (It has the youtube icon okie dokie!)

And one more thing I’m super obsessed  with this wedding doodle stickers from tamashiprints and you’ll see on photos where i placed ’em (wedding anniversary date 💒 )

See i told yah! Who wouldn’t want to make this her favourite?! I’m very proud of myself! Lol because this week spread went pretty aaaamazing!

Do you guys love decorating your happy planner? Lemme know in the comments! 💗 Virtual hugs and kisses from me to yours. Let us all plan a happy life!


PS. The choice is yours. What will you choose?


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