Hello November, Hello FRESH

Who among you guys , love home-cooking? or just cooking in general? I’m  definitely the first one who will raise my morena & magical hand! Haha I love food so much that I have to share with y’all this hellofresh meal subscription. Ohh wait, I know you might be wondering, how does  it work?  and most people don’t want to break the  bank with a meal subscription like this as per reviews & article online . But lemme tell you, you can always manage your plans, (meal preferences tab is right there. Woot! ) or even skip and cancel it. See how easy is that? Also a plus factor is they have the best customer service ever! Download the hellofresh app here for more info and you can also access it through your desktop or laptop if you prefer. #Easypeasy! 

Order from the comfort of your home sweety home and with your Christmas pjs on. Can you give me a Yay!? If you’re excited for Christmas 🎄 (inserted a Christmas  tree bc I LOVE!) 

Okay enough for Christmas back to Hellofresh ha! In addition to its (hellofresh) awesomeness  it’s very convenient and if you’re  tired with your usual meal why not try something new – like a restaurant type of meal in a healthier  version and  #affordable side! I’m all about saving money but will not compromise the quality of the food either ! 👍

I chose these meals for this week delivery 

Sizzling Southwestern chicken with a sweet potato, bell pepper,and feta jumble 

Meatloaf Á La Mom with Roasted root veggies and thyme gravy 

Argentine Chimichurri Steak with a Sweet potato,poblano, and tomato jumble (Hubby Approved! Yay!) First meal I’ve cooked so far.

Price wise? It’s a yay for me bc i did my research already and got a coupon to use so I did save some money. Heehee I paid (drum roll please! 🎇)  $19.94 +  free shipping! #winning. Since some of you ain’t no time for searching on coupons and stuff, don’t worry I got you covered Click the link to save money! 👉 Promocode

Packaging? 5 out of 5 🌟
See photos here 

The cooking process of each meal is pretty self-explanatory and one thing I love about it I can keep the recipe pamphlet for future reference. Home cooking at its finest! 😊🙌

Nutrional info included! 

Final thoughts  💭  yes I love how is easy it is to prepare and most importantly it’s hubby approved! He loves the steak, so delish and fresh hence HelloFRESH. 😉Perfect for upcoming thanksgiving dinner! These meals will be a HIT! Thanks to HelloFresh  👏👏


PS. Become a bridge builder not a wall builder. 


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