Fall sweets pack |ZenpopJapan review 

Hi lovelies, I can’t  believe it’s November already! #craycray. Also I so love November because it’s my wedding anniversary month. I’m excited! The falling leaves and vibrant colours  of Fall is just  PERFECTION! 

    Not to mention this season is where we just wanna stay in bed, binge-watch netflix shows and probably snacking, nibbling  and gobbling name it!Omg #FoodisLife! 

    Right now I’ve been enjoying the deliciousness and cuteness of my sweets festive fall pack from ZenpopJapan. I actually bought it for my husband because I love food and asian snacks so yeah I’m sharing it to him ofcourse. Haha! 

    Questions: How much does it cost? Is it worth every penny? 

    And the answer is YES! So worth it for a 15 snacks per pack at $29.50. Isn’t so aaaa-mazing!? Not to mention they have selected  the best snacks in Japan and ZenpopJapan also carries ramen pack and a lot more. Check  their website Here.

    My husband and I’s Top 3 Favorites : 

    Pizza Cookroll – the box comes with a description  of each snack you get so here what it says : these tomato flavored crinchy snacks have cheese cream inside. It smells totally  like tomato and cheese pizza,but easier to eat and slip into your bag than an oily slice of pizza. It says it all! Liked!

    BloominOnion  Snacks – Tohato introduced an American dish,blooming on,to their snack list. This is #yummers! Though it has similar taste with any onion snacks out there still have a distinct taste. We love it! 

     Puchi -Apple Calvados Cake – Bite-sized apple cakes,flavored with Calvados,apple brandy from France .  This you guys is a perfect match for a coffee or a tea. Super fave! 

    Final thoughts:

    I can definitely  see myself ordering from Zenpopjapan again. I might try their ramen pack and stationery pack soon  and I will keep you guys posted! And it’s a perfect gift for the holidays. Trust me! You’re friends, family or whoever the gift receiver is will go cray cray with these snack box!

    Let me know in the comments if you want more food related blog post like this. 

    How about you? What snacks you have been loving lately? Lemme know 


    PS. “integrity is authenticity”


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