Target haul

 Shopping is very therapeutic .. at least For me #notsoshopaholic lol  and they say If you can’t stop thinking about it , buy it . soo yeah eeeerthing planner stuff and cutesies at target dollar spot will ALL be going home with me #exaggerated lol 

Anywho , I am a sticker junkie and Target has the cutest sticker ever for only a dollar, Yes a dollar !so there you go . I’m like I need to go  to Target right now!!! This is the reason why i even post this cuz maybe you’re planner babe like me or you just want to hoard haha or you want to do some decorating on July 4th bc Target has all the 4th of July goodies too .


Here’s what i got:

paper straws teal rose gold

floral wood pencils

summer note cards

she said yes coasters

pineapple napkins

handmade card

U.S. flags

clear stickers

4th of July tattoos

4th of July Stickers

yasssssssss $10 #winning


yep I’m the Queen of Shopping lol

and oh watch this video of my fave Youtube content creator Mikey Bustos  . It’s Sorry (Justin Bieber)parody titled “Shopping”. I promise you’ll see yourself ROFL and it’s soooo relatable too!!!

Shopping (Sorry Justin Bieber parody) 


alrighty my loves !see yah again

do you guys love stickers too or just anything cute ?lol

I love Target so much , how about you lovelies ?

Wanna see more of this type of blog?

let me know in the comments ❤


Affirm others by accepting them.




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