Plan with me | Memorial Day 

Memorial day!


Welcome to Plan with me by yours truly #obviously . Planning , decorating my planner is  the 2nd most therapeutic thing to do if i do say so myself. lol hmmm maybe the 1st.  lol . I have been a planner babe all my life and I  absolutely love writing things down and be organized. Although sometimes I’m pretty much  just a lazy gal and just #bingewatchNetflix all the time.   oh btw what are your fave TV show on Netflix as of the moment ?let me know in the comments ,I would love to  try new ones . I feel like I’ve watched them all. lol

Well enough for Tv show  thingy lol let me tell you more about my planner . It’s The Happy planner Create 365 Me&MyBigIdeas Best Year Ever edition. I love the floral and gold foiling on it . I got mine at #Michaelsstore for $15 . It was a set and I used my Michaels coupon bc why not ?! lol #CouponisLife. I love Michaels , it’s my Safe haven!

 Holy molly their stickers are to die for! I have few collections in my stash and I’ll share with y’all on my next blog #hopefully #ifnotbusy .

In light of Memorial day , here’s my Plan with me for May 29 through 31 , 2017 , “Today we remember” . Check out  my last blog to know why we celebrate Memorial day !


The Happy Planner “Best Year Ever” $15 with coupon

The Happy Planner Seasonal stickers $20

The Happy Planner sticker 1234 pcs. (Idk what it’s called ) $20

Walmart 4th of July tattoo (ikr who would have thought !!) $3

That’s it , pancit !as you can see I’ve used minimal stickers , still came up with this beauty lol #soproud we just need to be creative , resourceful also be #inthemood.


Maybe you’re wondering why i love  The Happy Planner,  bc i love watching YouTube videos especially planner stuff so there i found The happy planner. This video was the first video I’ve watched before I went crazy  on planners and stickers . She is an amazing YouTube content creator and I love all of her videos so what are you waiting for go subscribe to her channel . Her youtube channel  is charmaine dulak .

Charmaine dulak YouTube channel 

okie dokiees lovelies!

Are you into planners too? or you’re just blah ? hahaha

let me know in the comments

love y’all

don’t forget to share your  Memorial weekend story and your planner set up

I would love to know


Two are better off than one




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