Hoop earrings for days

Hey y'all! linked below are my fave hoopies - so cheap and pretty ! 1// Target A new day hoop earrings 2// A new day tortoise hoop earrings Xo,A P.S. "If you do what you need, you’re surviving. If you do what you want, you’re living."


Trendy clear bags

hey gurls! are you on the hunt for clear bags for the summer , game day or for an upcoming concert? ...but still want to look cute and fashionable ! don't fret bc i got yuh!! I haven't seen blog post about this (clear bag!) soo i decided to make one for y'all and "talk… Continue reading Trendy clear bags

Top 5 Valentine’s day movies on Hulu

In light of Valentine's day I'm gonna share with y'all my top 5 heart's day movies on Hulu . I know some of you prefer to spend this special day at home - cook great food (homemade!) + Avoiding the chaos at the restaurant 😂 and sometimes I don't even enjoy eating out . I… Continue reading Top 5 Valentine’s day movies on Hulu

Hearts day outfit inspired by #targetstyle

This is not your typical Valentine's day outfit (I think😉)- you can wear this anytime , any season . And yes everything's from Target so it'll be a shopping bliss! I'd like it to be simple so you don't have to hop into different website or store just to find an outfit to wear !… Continue reading Hearts day outfit inspired by #targetstyle

Plan with me 🖤 My 30th birthday!

January 2019 means 4 weeks , 4 celebrations of being 30 . There's a twist on that but you have to be a follower of my blog to find out!😘 30 and grateful 🖤 All I can i say is I have everything I need and I couldn't ask for more . I thank God… Continue reading Plan with me 🖤 My 30th birthday!

#feelinggoldat30 : Give to save the children

One of my goals this year was to do something meaningful and worthwhile for my 30th birthday. Back story I've been asking my husband with some suggestions on places in our area where I can donate food, clothes etc. and We came up with quite a few . . . And yeah I'm not bothered… Continue reading #feelinggoldat30 : Give to save the children